Dear.. Kings, Presidents, and Arab Leaders !!!

(English Version)
where is your heart??

When you see the Muslims in Gaza are dying, suffering for many years, by the embargo of Is
rael. Your door remained closed for them. Although, many of them are already dead, due to illness and hunger, you drove them out when they try to enter your areas.

You become like those who have lost their conscience and the love of your brothers, the hapless Palestinian Muslims. Your relationships with Israel, the United States, and the European Union seem more important than saving a fellow Muslim brother. You saw with the naked eye, when the plane F.16 and Apache of Israel attacked the Gaza city.

You see buildings crushed, corpses everywhere, and the blood flow from each of the dead bodies. You see hundreds of Palestinian Muslims, who groan in pain with injuries. President Hosni Mubarak why did you meet and shake the hand of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Tzipi Livni, a day before the Zionist regime squashed Gaza city?

Every day you see the deaths of Palestinian Muslims, their lives destroyed by Zionist regime of Israel. You see the buildings, homes, means of living, and land fields, gardens. You see the cruelty beyond the limits of humanity. But you even make a secret agreement with the enemy, where are you when they need help?

Dear Kings, Presidents, and Arab Leaders!

Death will come. Palestinian Muslims in Gaza will all carry the most respected deaths. They will face the war machine-Israel with courage. They will not retreat. What’s the meaning of power that you have, when it is not used to fight cruelty and the crimes commited by Israel.

Congratulations brother Muslims fighting in Gaza, do not expect help from anywhere, except from God Rabul Aziz. May Allah be with you. I’M READY TO GO TO PALESTINE TO WAGE JIHAD.

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